A Majority of Americans Would Skip Exchanging Gifts, Free-How to Avoid Health Insurance Scams


“A new survey shows that 69 percent of Americans would skip exchanging gifts if their family and friends agreed to it. The survey, conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of SunTrust Bank, also showed that 60 percent of those surveyed said they would spend more time with friends and family if they didn’t have to worry about buying or making gifts.” (source: Minnesota.cbslocal.com) Perhaps I’m not alone in appreciating a simpler, less expensive Christmas with my family. But, don’t get me wrong. We still exchange gifts. We just don’t go overboard and shop carefully for whatever we buy.

The Great Retirement Con

Frankly put: retirement is now a myth for the majority

The Origins Of The Retirement Plan

Back during the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress promised a monthly lifetime income to soldiers who fought and survived the conflict. This guaranteed income stream, called a “pension”, was again offered to soldiers in the Civil War and every American war since.

Since then, similar pension promises funded from public coffers expanded to cover retirees from other branches of government. States and cities followed suit — extending pensions to all sorts of municipal workers ranging from policemen to politicians, teachers to trash collectors.

A pension is what’s referred to as a defined benefit plan. The payout promised a worker upon retirement is guaranteed up front according to a formula, typically dependent on salary size and years of employment.

Understandably, workers appreciated the security and dependability offered by pensions. So, as a means to attract skilled talent, the private sector started offering them, too.

The first corporate pension was offered by the American Express Company in 1875. By the 1960s, half of all employees in the private sector were covered by a pension plan.

Off-loading Of Retirement Risk By Corporations…

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Improve your brain & prevent Alzheimer’s

Neuroscientists have pinpointed a few simple lifestyle changes which can protect your brain from Alzheimer’s and other diseases…

  • Stroll in the sun. Walking outdoors for 10 minutes a day year-round is the top way to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s as exercise increases blood flow to the brain and when combined with sunlight it boosts the benefit by ensuring you have plenty of vitamin D in your system.
  • Challenge neurons. Study after study shows that keeping your neurons active is another essential strategy for keeping your brain healthy for life. Solving puzzles or crosswords fit the bill as does taking a dance class or painting course. Reading books is another positive way to keep your brain active.
  • Toast to your health. Enjoying 1-1/2 glasses of red wine each day is another good way to help keep your mind sharp for folks over 65. Resveratrol reduces inflammation in the brain which can slow cognitive decline in patients…grape juice will work too.

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I’M sure I’m not alone when we’ve observed the many marketers who started advertising Christmas sales BEFORE Halloween this year…very sad. Seems to get earlier each season!


Thanks to Perfectus Elder for sharing this bit of humor…


> Oh, for the good old days when people would stop Christmas shopping when they ran out of money.” – Author unknown



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Here are some clever DIY tricks that will actually save you money — and impress your friends.


  1. Say no to anti-freeze. You may be savoring the lovely fall colors, but winter’s on its way. Prep for the bitter cold with alcohol. No, not booze. (Well, maybe also booze.) Mix one part water to two parts rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to defrost your windshield.


  1. Believe in the magic of rubber bands. Here’s creative frugality at its finest: rubber bands for everything. Use them around the house in place of expensive tools and accessories you’re bound to lose, anyway.
  2. Stop swiffering and start saving. We all know that magic duster and its endless refills are hard on the wallet. But you buy them anyway, because they make cleaning so easy. Stop. You don’t need them. You can do the same thing with dryer sheets.



Happy Holidays